wtorek, 11 stycznia 2011

Cover from Portugal

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rockpixie pisze...

WOW! this is such a A cool innovative idea! I love your blog!!
If you want any from England (as we have some really cool special edition stamps)just message me at tarynwhipp@hotmail.com


jalalHB pisze...

Great blog - being a hobbyist and a philatelist, it is of my taste and concern. I will keep coming back to it.
I also have a blog on philately (My Philatelic World - http://myphilatelicworld.blogspot.com/) and a hobby specific blog (Hobby Shobby - http://hobshob.blogspot.com/) where I share all types of hobies and of course stamps.
I shall be sharing posts from your blog to mine if you so permit.

mentorx3 pisze...

For those who like to collect stamps from many countries, this blog is interesting.