sobota, 12 kwietnia 2014

Cover from Cuba

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Gulfmann WU pisze...

Thanks for your Poland FDC,
I was posted one registered
cover (RA866233719TW) on
April 21, 2014.
Hope you will receive it soon.

My email:

kornelia Madej pisze...

<3 nice

Azwar Imran pisze...

Movies 2k

Javier Jesus Montecchiari pisze...


Kevin Miller pisze...

Hi Andrzej , what a great site you have here! I have just browsed on a few pages of your blog and I must say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a blog with lots of beautiful covers from all over the world! I can’t believe they are just sent to you by generous stamp collectors from different places. Maybe you could try check out, simply register there for free and I’m sure they would love to see all your beautiful covers you have onhand.

The Traveler pisze...

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